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Megan Brewer, IMH

Megan Brewer

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  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Life transition
  • Relationships
  • Social Anxiety
  • Cross-cultural issues

Megan Brewer, IMH

Megan is passionate about walking with people as they discover their healthiest and most meaningful life. Her approach to counseling is relational and experiential because she believes healing relationships are the strongest pathway towards restoration and growth. She knows the importance of working to create a safe environment for clients to begin exploring the painful parts of their story as they move towards healing and regain hope. She believes every person’s story is significant and that when we pay attention to how our experiences have shaped our stories, we can begin to gain freedom to write new chapters.

Megan deeply believes it is important in the counseling process to consider how the affects of our story impact our mind, body and heart. She enjoys working with a wide range of clients including adults, college students, teens and cross-cultural workers. Her areas of focus include trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, transition, relational issues and social anxiety.

Megan spent two years living in South East Asia building relationships with people and learning about culture. During her time overseas, she was impacted by how each person’s unique experiences shaped and guided how they thought, felt and perceived the world around them. She learned the significance of words and the importance of understanding their meaning in the context of each individual’s life and culture.

Megan holds a Bachelors of Science in Theology and a Master of Arts in Counseling. When she is not counseling she enjoys yoga, learning to cook, and exploring new places in Central Florida.

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